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You may remember that I signed up for BoardGameGeek’s challenge of playing 10 different games, 10 times, in 2014 (#10x10in2014). You can go here if you want to follow my progress.

First game conquered:

A fairly simple game that was very easy to get people to play. The first time I brought it to my local game night at I’m Board (awesome store!), I played it THREE TIMES! Lots of people there were interested and since it is a quick game to play AND teach (and I’m not particularly adept at teaching games), it was easy to do. I’d definitely recommend this for families or people that want a lighter fast little game.

My two-cents tips:

1. Don’t give a new player Green. The screen is shaded so it’s harder to distinguish between the Green and Clear materials when looking at the scoring.

2. Emphasize that the points scored each round reset. Those are “fake” points just determining position.

3. Make sure they know that the dice don’t have to be in the same configuration as they are on the screen for scoring.

That’s it! I have another big Game Day next weekend, (although day is misleading since it goes from 11am until 3am-ish) so I’m hoping to get one or two of the games on my list played. I’m looking at you Takenoko!

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