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For the WIPocalypse SAL I’m in, we’re supposed to check in at the end of every month to show our progress and answer a common question. Since this is my first one, I’m not sure of the format, but I’ll figure it out eventually, right?

First up, the presents. I finished presents for three of my friends.


Yarn ball embroidered with yarn and metallic crochet hook for Nichole


Moomin for Christen

Mortal Kombat Embroidery

Finish Him for Gina

It was great getting those completed, especially the one for Gina, since it wasn’t for any actual occasion, it kept getting moved to the back burner.

I did make some progress on the Mario Nintendo SAL.


So. Many. Bricks.

I decided on, and started work on, my Project 365 Somethings which will involve working on stitched letters and words.


Stem stitch as a fill stitch

Stem stitch as a fill stitch seemed to work fairly well for the straight part of the “R”, but didn’t go smoothly for me in the little curved parts of the “C”.

I didn’t get any work done on the other things though. Still, I feel good about getting the presents made. There are bits and bobs here and there that I worked on too, but these were the main things.

The WIPocalypse question of the month is: What Stitch-A-Longs are you participating in this year?

I should preface this with “I have ambitions to do…”
The 8 Bit Stitch Game of Thrones SAL
The Connie Gee Back stitch only SAL
A monthly Mandala one that I am blanking on the official name of…
Hopebroidery Television Sampler
Steotch-a-long will have another one in the summer that I will join.

The WIPocalypse group will also be hosting a Stitching Olympics during the month of Feb. There are a couple of choices to join, but I think I will be doing the Endurance path. This means that I will be working on only one thing during that time. I’ve chosen my Nintendo SAL for the Olympics. Even if I manage to get Mario done, Duck Hunt, Pac-Man and more are waiting right behind him!


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