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I joined another challenge group this year thinking I can do ALL. THE. THINGS.

Yeah, I can’t do all the things (like blog with any sort of regularity), but since this is really only one thing per month, I have a fighting chance. It’s called Try Something New Every Month or TSNEM. There’s a Facebook Group and everything guys! Here’s a bit of background on the challenge from Swoodson Says.

Every month there is another theme. The idea is to get you to try crafts that you haven’t tried before or, for me, to go back to something you may have liked, but has fallen into a corner (or in my case a high shelf) of your craft space.

January – Quilting

February- Tactile Craft

March- Painting

April- Edible Crafts   (THIS is the most terrifying one)

May – Hand Sewing

June- Heavy Craft; leather, wood burning, glass etching

July- Yarn Craft; knitting, crochet, weaving

August- Printmaking; fabric or paper

September – Machine Sewing

October- Needlework; embroidery, cross-stitch, crewel, needlepoint

November- Papercraft; origami, scrapbook, calligraphy

December- Choose your own!

For January, I cheated a bit by using a quilt stamp I “rescued” from my mom’s house (Hi Mom!) and I stamped it several times paper piecing it together. I’m still counting it. 😉

Quilt card by Crafting{without}Kids

TSNEM Quilt Card

For February, I decided on needle felting. LOTS of years ago I took a needle felting class and it was SO much fun (stab stab stab stabby stab stab tee hee)!

My friend Deb gave me a felted pumpkin decoration (also a long time ago) that the leaf recently fell off of.


Felted awesome pumpkin from Deb

Just this weekend I finally found my felting needles and jabbed that little sucker back onto there (stabby stab jab) and I thought, OH YEAH! THAT WAS FUN! So, I’m off to the library to get some books on needle felting little animals. I’ve seen them before and always thought they were cute, but never got around to it. Looks like this is the month! I even have a crop this weekend so, if nothing else, I can work on it there. Best thing about wool roving? It’s lightweight to schlep! 😉

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