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I don’t scrapbook. There. I said it. (Whew!)

Also, I don’t have kids. There. I said that too. And no, that won’t be changing. Really. I swear.

So what’s a crafter to do?

Go to any gathering of crafty women and you see the scrapbookers working on “First Day of School”,”Pumpkin Patch”, or “Kid Playing in Sandbox” layouts. Maybe even “Our First Puppy”.

I don’t even have a puppy.

But I LOVE so many other artsy things and I figured there have to be more people in my position. So I searched Google for “crafting without kids” and I got 0 hits. In fact, Goggle thought I meant “crafting WITH kids” so these are the results they gave me.

Google Search for Crafting Without Kids

Even Google didn’t believe me!

Thanks Google.

Then I looked for a Meetup.com group that I could try and fit in with. I found groups for “childless” people, but in those groups of people they want to have kids, but don’t. That wasn’t the right fit for me either.

So I needed to make my own place to fit in. I make jewelry, papercrafts, and do so in lots of places that are not my craft room. I know there must be others out there that have similar views and situations so I would like to offer this as a comfortable place for everyone to gather; we don’t even have to wait until the kids are in bed!

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