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Game Day!

I LOVE playing board games.

It started when I was little. Instead of going to a normal babysitter when my parents were working, mom dropped me off at my Great Aunt LaVonne’s (Wonnie’s) house. This was amazing. I would sleep a little more, watch some Pinwheel on Nickelodeon, and then we’d play. Sometimes, we would go to the library or the pool, but usually we would play games. There was an old metal cabinet in the basement that was full of games and I could go downstairs and pick out anything I wanted to play. We played Flinch, Milles Bornes, Triominoes, Cootie, and so many more! We’d laugh all day long.┬áMy Great Uncle Jack was pretty handy and he even made a giant cribbage board! It’s in the picture below next to the stack of games so you have some idea of just how big it is.

Big 'Ol Board!

Uncle Jack’s Cribbage Board

Now there is a resurgence of game playing. I don’t know what is bringing them back, but I’m glad. Games are getting more involved (and more expensive), but the fun is the same. Now I’m playing Dominion, Trajan, London, Castle Panic, Notre Dame, and Risk Legacy.

Wanna Play???


This Saturday we’re having a game day and I can’t wait. We haven’t tried this before. I was playing games with friends the other day and realized we were never going to get to everything I wanted to play in the couple hours we had. I also realized that ALWAYS happens. So we decided we’d have people over and have a whole day of it. I don’t know how many games we’ll get to, but I know it will be fun and I have a big cabinet of games in the basement that Wonnie would be proud of.

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