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Last year I signed up for the One Little Word Class with Ali Edwards. You may have heard of this…it’s pretty dang popular. I may not have (ahem) finished all of the projects for it and it’s on my list of classes to finish/revisit this year. (More on that in a later post.)

In the most general sense, One Little Word is about picking a word that is meaningful to you to focus on for the year. I didn’t sign up again this year, but I did pick a word.


I’ve mentioned that I may have too many hobbies. I need to figure out a way to balance them so that I don’t feel like I’m neglecting any of them. A way to balance my schedule to make room for everything and still have time to hang out with friends and my guy. I have so many things/accessories/crap/awesomestuff for all my hobbies that I want to use them and not have them whispering “Come play with us” at me all the time. I want to not feel guilty doing something I enjoy because I’m not doing something else that I enjoy. That’s nuts right?!? Yeah. I think so too.

To give you an idea of my problem, peek into my craft room (just a peek is scary enough).

Craft Room pic from Crafting{without}Kids

Yikes! Right? That’s just one side.

Here’s a glimpse at my game shelf.

Crafting{without}Kids Gameshelf

(this isn’t even all of them)

Yup. That’s a bunch of stuff right? I know. And I love it all. And I want to play with it all. And I want to write more blog posts and enter more card contests and get back to more beading…so I need some Balance. And that’s what I’ll be working towards. One little part of that is also #YearOfMaking. More on that too. Later. Because there will be more blog posts. Promise. 🙂

#YearOfMaking 1/365

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Last Christmas I received a book called A Daily Creativity Journal: Make Something Everyday And Change Your Life. For a long time, I have wanted to tackle a “something-a-day” type project, but I’ve never been able to talk myself into it. It didn’t seem right to go into a project this immense with a feeling that I was going to fail immediately. So I’d forget about it and go on about my business. But it kept creeping back into my mind.

One of my One Little Word resolutions (more on that in the future 🙂 ) for this year is to not use the excuse “I don’t have time for that” unless it’s actually true. As you probably know, most often the hard truth is that we do have time for something, we just use the excuse that we don’t because we don’t want to do whatever that something is, but it makes us feel better to just say we don’t have time because then we aren’t saying no to something unpleasant or simply procrastinating, we just “can’t” and that gets us off the hook. 

So I’m going to do it.

Because I DO have the time, if I just make the time.  I may not do something every day. I really hope I do, and I am really going to try to, but if there are days I miss, then I miss them, and it will be because I was actually busy and life happened. Then I will just make 2 things the next day or decide that I just lose that day.

Now that I decided I’m going to do it, I just need a topic. Something broad enough that I can play with it every day and still have options, but narrow enough in scope that there is an actual theme to the things I end up making. Drum roll please… 🙂


Paper scraps, fabric scraps, who knows what kind of scraps! On day 205 I might just have to decide to create a new kind of scrap! I’m not crazy enough to think that I’ll be able to blog every day in addition to making something every day. So right now I’m aiming to check in here with my projects a couple times a week. I’ll show you the good, the bad and the what-the-heck-was-I-thinking?!?!

So that’s it. I’m going to do this thing. Starting today. Starting Now. Here goes nothing!

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