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You may remember that I signed up for BoardGameGeek’s challenge of playing 10 different games, 10 times, in 2014 (#10x10in2014). You can go here if you want to follow my progress.

First game conquered:

A fairly simple game that was very easy to get people to play. The first time I brought it to my local game night at I’m Board (awesome store!), I played it THREE TIMES! Lots of people there were interested and since it is a quick game to play AND teach (and I’m not particularly adept at teaching games), it was easy to do. I’d definitely recommend this for families or people that want a lighter fast little game.

My two-cents tips:

1. Don’t give a new player Green. The screen is shaded so it’s harder to distinguish between the Green and Clear materials when looking at the scoring.

2. Emphasize that the points scored each round reset. Those are “fake” points just determining position.

3. Make sure they know that the dice don’t have to be in the same configuration as they are on the screen for scoring.

That’s it! I have another big Game Day next weekend, (although day is misleading since it goes from 11am until 3am-ish) so I’m hoping to get one or two of the games on my list played. I’m looking at you Takenoko!

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In addition to my obsessions with beads and paper, I also love playing board games. I grew up playing games all day with my Aunt LaVonne and my friends. It’s so exciting that it’s becoming popular again. For a fun show and to learn a few games, check out Will Wheaton’s show TableTop on YouTube.

A friend told me about the lists people were making under the hashtag #10x10in2014. This entails making a list of 10 games that you want to play 10 times each in 2014. There are SO many new games coming out all the time and it’s often hard to really dig into one game and play it again and again when you have so many new games sitting there waiting to be played. This challenge will help me focus on some of the games I really enjoy and give me an excuse to play them more often. Here’s a good hub to learn more at BoardGameGeek.

Here’s my list.

1.    Innovation has 2 great expansions that I’ve had for awhile and never gotten around to really delving into. This game makes me feel like I could play it a lot better if I knew the cards better.

2.  Trajan has a really interesting Mancala type mechanism for deciding what actions you will be taking. There are a lot of different avenues to win so it’s easy to replay and try out different options.

3.  Blueprints is a simple game that involves building structures out of dice behind a blind. It’s new to me and seems like it will be a fun game to play often and quickly.

4.   I have several expansions for 7 Wonders that I haven’t gotten to play with. This is a great game for a larger group as it plays up to 8 people with expansions. It’s fairly easy to learn and teach, but it becomes more complex with expansions and understanding the card chaining options.

5.  I know. A lot of people are sick of Dominion, but I’m not. And I like Comic Sans too. So there. I said it. 🙂 Dominion is a deck building game that plays fairly quickly and there are currently 8 expansions that allow for lots of varied play.

6. Quarriors! is similar to a deck building game and is quite a bit like Dominion. Instead of building a deck, you are buying dice to add to your pool that you then equip and use to fight the other players. For someone like me that likes beads and baubles, all of the amazing dice that are in this game just beg to be played with again and again.

7.  King Of Tokyo is a fun dice game that plays up to 6 with the necessary Panda Power Up expansion. Easy to teach and easy to play, it’s a great game for a larger group. And I get to be a Panda. I can’t stress how important that is. 🙂

8.  Speaking of pandas…Takenoko is a whole game about Pandas eating bamboo. I’m in. ‘Nuff said.

9.  Village won awards in 2012 for being a great family game. Like Trajan, there are multiple avenues to achieving the end game and by playing it often, I get to explore them all.

10.   Lords of Waterdeep and the Scoundrels of Skullport expansion is a favorite of several of my gaming groups. Don’t let the Dungeon & Dragons tag on this stop you from playing if you aren’t into D&D. It’s really just the theme.

So that’s my 10. There were MANY that I wanted to add, (Luna, Smash Up, Eminent Domain, Monolith…) that just didn’t make the cut. Maybe if I get 10 of something done early, I can substitute one in. My birthday was Jan. 1st and my boyfriend said he’d play the first game with me–Innovation. Unfortunately, he didn’t give me a win for my birthday. 😦 Our next Game Day is in the middle of January so I hope to make a small dent in this list.

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Game Day!

I LOVE playing board games.

It started when I was little. Instead of going to a normal babysitter when my parents were working, mom dropped me off at my Great Aunt LaVonne’s (Wonnie’s) house. This was amazing. I would sleep a little more, watch some Pinwheel on Nickelodeon, and then we’d play. Sometimes, we would go to the library or the pool, but usually we would play games. There was an old metal cabinet in the basement that was full of games and I could go downstairs and pick out anything I wanted to play. We played Flinch, Milles Bornes, Triominoes, Cootie, and so many more! We’d laugh all day long. My Great Uncle Jack was pretty handy and he even made a giant cribbage board! It’s in the picture below next to the stack of games so you have some idea of just how big it is.

Big 'Ol Board!

Uncle Jack’s Cribbage Board

Now there is a resurgence of game playing. I don’t know what is bringing them back, but I’m glad. Games are getting more involved (and more expensive), but the fun is the same. Now I’m playing Dominion, Trajan, London, Castle Panic, Notre Dame, and Risk Legacy.

Wanna Play???


This Saturday we’re having a game day and I can’t wait. We haven’t tried this before. I was playing games with friends the other day and realized we were never going to get to everything I wanted to play in the couple hours we had. I also realized that ALWAYS happens. So we decided we’d have people over and have a whole day of it. I don’t know how many games we’ll get to, but I know it will be fun and I have a big cabinet of games in the basement that Wonnie would be proud of.

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