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February is National Embroidery Month! Woo Hoo! And I’m only a day late wishing you a Happy Happy 🙂 I call that a win. As a starter of things I, of course, started 3 news things over the last day. Good job Marissa. #nailedit

Gulush Threads is doing a National Embroidery Month Stitch a Day Challenge on IG and she’s going to be doing an IG Live everyday (Which is amazing to me, that’s so much freaking work!). So I hope to follow along with that on IG with the tag #stitchventure.

There’s also a new Tiny Valentine’s SAL from Armada Designs. This is the same woman that did the Tiny Xmas one (that I never finished of course). The V-day one isn’t free, but it’s VERY inexpensive ($2) and part of the cost goes to a great organization. It’s only Day 2 so you have plenty of time to catch up. Heck, I haven’t started yet either 😉

Tiny Valentine SAL

pic from Armada Designs website

The Game of Thrones SAL also started on 2/1 hosted by 8 Bit Stitch. Again, it’s still early folks, so drop over to her Etsy store to sign-up and play along. She will also be streaming working on it on Twitch. Follow along on IG too @8.bit.stitch.

Also, Sublime Stitching was offering a discounted bundle of embroidery stuff–threads, transfers and floss–to people to teach Embroidery to other people this month. I ordered one of those and will be “teaching” people in my crafty group in town some stitching if they are interested. I say “teaching” because although I know how to do quite a few stitches, I’m not super great at them yet, so…I will be showing them how they are done but…Whatever…free stuff for them, right?!? 🙂

So…lots of goings on. I need to get so sick that I can’t get into work, but not sick enough that I can’t stitch things. That’s a thing, right?

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